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Having teamed up with Premier Wealth Planning a multi-award winning wealth management company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we are now able to provide the best financial advice possible to our clients. Premier Wealth Planning are a chartered financial planning firm and being Independent Financial Advisers they are able to provide an unrestricted service. Having worked extensively with Premier Wealth Planning over the last 4 years we have now developed a model that is perfect for the world of sport that ensures the ultimate financial protection and portfolio growth for our clients leaving them to have the happy retirement they deserve.


Playing professional football or any other professional sport is great for today’s lifestyle. But what happens when this all comes to an end and you cannot work to earn a living?

The shrewd sportsman appreciates the importance of retirement planning and in this day and age, there is no reason why you should not be making pension contributions which are targeted to give you a lifestyle in retirement that you deserve. Legislation means that everyone should have a pension plan. The Government will top up your contributions and the way benefits are accessed in retirement are highly flexible – income, lump sums or a combination of both.

Premier Wealth Planning is a major UK Chartered Independent Financial Advisory Firm who have advised people from various areas of sport, including football, Formula 1, Tennis and professional golfers. We understand your love of today and your needs in the future.   


When you are earning large sums of money, the one item that it is difficult to avoid is taxation, whether it is Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax or even Inheritance Tax. Maximising the efficiency of your hard earned cash is important. The more tax efficient your affairs, the quicker your wealth accumulates.

Premier is able to advise you on the most tax efficient way to accumulate wealth and importantly, Premier only advises on investments that are approved by HMRC.


In the current climate of low interest rates, low inflation and an uncertain investment markets, Premier’s research team ensures your money is working hard and in such a way that it meets your objectives. From ISAs to VCTs, from onshore to offshore, Premier’s high net worth client advisory service provides peace of mind. Whilst you work, your savings are working for you. An investment management service that is designed to ensure all of your objectives – short, medium and long terms are being met.

You’re making a lot of money, now make it work for you.


So what happens when you cannot work through sickness or injury? How do you get an income?

Who looks after love ones if you die? Who pays off the mortgage?

Protecting your wealth is about designing a strategy to ensure that if anything happens to you, or a family member, income or lump sums become available to maintain your standard of living and pay off your debts.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is about protecting your assets on death. Making sure your family members inherit your wealth, not the tax man. From the basics of making a Will, through to planning to avoid or mitigate Inheritance Tax, this important aspect of financial planning is designed to ensure you don’t let your own assets go to waste. You have built up your assets so why should you let HMRC take a portion of your wealth on death?  

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